Descriptors for Documenting PGRFA

PGRFA have to be thoroughly documented. If well documented PGRFA can be handled properly and their access, exchange and use can be increased. To do so, the Institute applies a set of standard, internationally agreed descriptors. These include passport descriptors, management descriptors, characterization and evaluation descriptors, and descriptors about seed viability and size of accessions.

Passport information

Any sample that enters the National Genebank, must be accompanied by adequate passport information, including a unique identifier, its scientific name, common name, the date of acquisition, the site where it has been collected, etc. to ensure that the sample is properly documented. Samples stored at the National Gene Bank are described according to the FAO/Bioversity Multi-Crop Passport Descriptors V.2, published in 2012.

Minimal Descriptors for Collection, Sample processing, regenerationcharacterization, etc.

Passport Descriptors


Regeneration guidelines

Characterization guidelines